The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Reviewed by Debbie

About: Seventeen-year-old Cassie knows who you are and want you want. She knows what makes you tick. She doesn’t know why she knows these things but she does. She tries not to think about her ability to do these things because she’s caught up in reliving the disappearance of her mother. She can’t get the vision of all that blood out of her head. And then, one day, she gets a visit from the FBI. Somehow they know about her “skill” and they want to help her develop that skill. Or maybe they want to use Cassie for their own ends?

Debbie’s Thoughts: Living at the school Cassie meets other Naturals that have been recruited by the FBI. Cassie doesn’t know who she can trust and she soon learns attending this particular school can be hazardous to you health.

About Audviral, Mistress of the Stacks

Teen Services Librarian for the Rita & Truett Smith Public Library of Wylie, Texas.
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